Advanced Orthotics and Footwear Solutions

6th of August 2017

You have just been given your brand new orthotics and you would like them to last a while. What to do?

Depending on how often you use your orthotics, what activities you undertake with your orthotics, amount of transpiration and the material the orthotics are made of, it is to be expected that your orthotics should last at least 15 months. 

To clean your orthotics use a damp cloth to wipe them, never submerge your orthotics in water. If by any chance your orthotics do get wet, airdry them. Do not place them on a heater or in the hot sun as this will effect the quality of your orthotics in a negative way.

As the warm weather might make you transpire more than average, it is advisable to take your orthotics out of your shoes at the end of the day to dry out the moisture.

If you happen to take your orthotics out of your shoes for whatever reason, use that time to inspect your orthotics for possible wear and tear. Make sure before you reinsert your orthotics into your shoes, that your shoes are free of any debris as this will damage your orthotics.

Any questions about caring for your orthotics, come and see us.