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As a Pedorthist there are many ways we can help you. We offer a full range of services all tailored to your specific needs, from custom made orthotics to custom made shoes, ankle foot supports, Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) and modifications to existing footwear. All combined with the best know-how and advice. Have a look at the various headings underneath, if you can't find what you are looking for just ask us and we are sure to have the right solution.


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Orthotics or orthoses are inlays that you insert in your shoes. Orthotics are mostly used to treat foot problems like having flat feet, a high arch, fascitis plantaris (heel spur /heel pain), metatarsalgia (pain of the front foot), morton's neuroma (nerve pain of the front foot) and other problems. Orthotics can also be used for simple comfort, serving as a soft cushion for your feet.
We can modify your existing footwear in different ways. Modifications to footwear can be done to correct posture, make footwear better fit your feet or to give you more support. Modifications will allow you to keep the shoes you have, but adjusted to possible changes in your feet, lifestyle, well-being or requirements of footwear.
If existing footwear on the market is not suitable or suffice than custom made footwear is the right option for you. Custom made footwear can be tailor made to specifically suit your situation. We will strive to make you not only pain free, but most importantly mobile and help you get your freedom back. Our goal is to provide you with functional, comfortable and fashionable footwear. Yes, orthopedic shoes can be pleasing to the eye.
Arthritis of the ankles can be painful and limit your movements. We are specialists in making custom made ankle supports.Foot drop can occur after a stroke, an accident (trauma) or be genetic. Foot drop occurs mostly due to nerve injury. If you suffer from foot drop, you require an Ankle and Foot Orthosis (AFO), simply said a brace that will hold your foot in the right position by stabilizing your foot and ankle.

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