Ankle Support and Ankle Foot Orthosis | Advanced Orthotics and Footwear Solutions


Arthritis of the ankles can be painful and limit your movements. We are specialists in making custom made ankle supports. The materials used to build your custom made ankle support will depend upon the severity of the arthritis. We will discuss this with you during the first assesment.

Foot drop can occur after a stroke, an accident (trauma) or be genetic. Foot drop occurs mostly due to nerve injury. If you suffer from foot drop, you require an Ankle and Foot Orthosis (AFO), simply said a brace that will hold your foot in the right position by stabilizing your foot and ankle. It benefits from being incorporated into custom made footwear as its solid fit will increase functionality. Custom made footwear also hides the AFO from sight, so it does not look too obvious. We have different types of AFO's and we also use different materials depending on the severity and type of problem.

The way we manufacture your AFO is based on protocols, which we will discuss with you during your first assesment. If you have any queries or questions feel free to let us know.