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Custom made Footwear Solutions

Ease The Pain, Ease your Stride 

Your feet are unique. All feet comes in different shapes and sizes. Foot problems occur because of different causes and so  require different solutions. There are many ways to deal with a problem from a change to your existing shoes, orthotics or a pair of custom made shoes. Together we will define the problems, explain all the different solutions and offer you the best one accordingly.

Foot problems lead to discomfort and discomfort might lead to pain. As your feet are in use all day long, they are vital to your wellbeing and if a problem occurs, it is best to address it immediately.

Feet problems that are commonly experienced include:

  • Bunions

  • Oedema
  • Flat Feet (click for more info) or hollow feet
  • Pain in Achilles Tendon

  • Nerve compressions

  • Hammertoes or Claw toes

  • Pain on the ball of the feet

  • Cramps

  • Gout
  • Heelpain

  • Problems due to Arthritis

  • Problems due to Diabetes

  • Tired feet

  • Ankle Joint pain

  • And many more

Causes of foot problems to name a few  are ill fitting shoes, posture, trauma/accidents,  sickness, aging, inherited genetic conditions and many more.

Solutions that we can offer you:

Of course we are also available for advice, assessment or consultation.