CUSTOM MADE FOOTWEAR | Advanced Orthotics and Footwear Solutions


If existing footwear on the market  is not suitable or suffice than custom made footwear is the right option for you. 

Custom made footwear can be tailor made  to specifically suit your situation, for instance if you had an amputation of any part of your feet or lower limb. Custom made footwear is also the best solution for people with an inherited genetic condition that is limiting their lower limb mobility, having had a stroke, paralysed or suffer from excessive fluid retention to their lower limbs. If you have arthritis in your feet or ankles it is not easy to find comfortable footwear, custom made shoes may be the best and only way to go. Our experienced Pedorthist will be glad to help you and will point you in the right direction.

We will strive to make you not only pain free, but most importantly mobile and help you get your freedom back.
Our goal is to provide you with the most functional, comfortable and fashionable footwear. It is not always easy but we try to make your orthopedic shoes look as normal as possible The days of ugly bulky shoes are over.
As we have a mountain of work experience from 2 different continents and 3 different countries,  combined with years of study,  you will get a professional product in the end.

Are you in need of an ankle support or AFO? We can make your ankle support and/or AFO incorporated into the footwear so it does not stand out.

We work accordingly to protocols which will be discussed and explained during  your assesment.