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Home Visits Making It Easier For You

Service In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Life is busy enough. Week after week flies by and it is not always easy to find the time for yourself. We understand. Pain in your feet does not make it any easier to move around. So let us come to you!  If you make an appointment with us we will give you the choice whether you want to come and visit us at our workshop or whether you'd prefer to have an appointment in your own home.

We are fully mobile when it comes to feet examinations, screening, casting and fitting orthotics and other footwear solutions. If it comes to adjusting orthotics we might want you to come to our workshop as we can make the adjustments right there with you present. 

Appointments are available on working days from 7 AM to 6 PM to give you all the flexibility you need. If needed, we will make time for you in the weekend.

Greater Perth Region

Do you live outside of Mandurah?  We are more than willing to come and see you, ring us and we can arrange something.