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Orthotics are insoles that you insert in your shoes.The main functions of orthotics are supporting  your feet, distributing pressure evenly, enhancing the stability of your feet and ankles, relieve pressure points and supplementing of leg length and foot length discrepancies.

Orthotics are mostly used to treat foot problems like having flat feet, a high arch, fascitis plantaris (heel spur /heel pain), metatarsalgia (pain of the front foot), morton's neuroma (nerve pain of the front foot) to name a few. Orthotics can also be used for simple comfort, serving as a soft cushion for your feet. 

Our orthotics are fully custom made, meaning they are especially tailored for your feet, unique in their shape and functionality. No pair will ever be the same. The process of having your own custom made orthotics involves an assessment in which our pedorthist will examine your feet, posture, gait (the way you walk), ask you questions for an indepth look and make a blueprint of your feet. Feel free to ask our pedorthist all your questions.

Our pedorthist will be involved in the whole process from assesment  to producing your custom made orthotics. This ensures the best fit for your orthotics as the pedorthist that examined your feet is also the one making your orthotics. We do not send our orthotics interstate or overseas to a third party for fabrication. This way we avoid miscommunications, less time consuming and not forgetting, keeping the cost down.

Once your orthotics are ready we will see you again and fit the orthotics in your shoes to ensure it is the perfect size. We will explain more about the functionality of your orthotics and the best way to care for your orthotics. Your feet will need a short amount of time to adjust to your orthotics, we advise you to extend the amount of time you use them by two hours each day. We expect your orthotics to be in full time use by six weeks, we will contact you around that time to see how you are doing. Any need for adjustments? If so, we will gladly help you, it is included with our service.   

The materials we use are entirely dependant on the type and grade of  problem you have. We make the decision on materials to use after consulting you and letting you know about  the advantages and disadvantages of choices.

The price of our orthotics is highly competitive. How? We are a small business working from home. This keeps our cost low. We do most of the work ourselves instead of hiring contractors for each step of the way. We try and obtain most of the materials locally, decreasing the need for expensive shipping costs and at the same time support other local Australian businesses.  

Advice on how to care for your orthotics